Monday, September 24, 2018

Reflection logs term 3 week 10

As the end of term 9, I just wanna apologizes to Mr Rohs and the others for not keeping my blogs up to date I know it was my responsibility to take leadership in being apart of the leadership group but I took on what you have told me and it inspired me to show more commitment toward this leadership role as I know this will help me throughout this year and next year. Two more weeks till the end of term 3 what a blast as it has been a stressful, exhausting, tiring week for me as I am trying to succeed in all my assessments so I can pass level 2 before the term ends as I only have 10 fewer credits to get. But for me to get to that stage I need to make sure my time management is strong also I need to be more consist of making sure I focus on the important things first. I have been improving on a lot of things such as being apart of the kaiawhina helping the year nines with a skit they can do to present as they have a prize giving coming up next Tuesday they are also graduating from being apart of this program. it's also been a privilege to be a part of this program getting to help the year nines and showing them how we Papakura High school is the best school. Not only that I have finally received my application form for kaitiaki for next year as I'm willing to put everything I got to work hard for this kaitiaki role. As the weeks go by it has been so stressful for me as I have finally passed my maths assessment with an excellent now focusing on my maths external. English was challenging for me as I had to finish this new assessment that I can finally pass level 2 literacy as I already got my numeracy done and dusted. I know these assessments gonna be gonna be hard for me as English is not my strength but the only way I will be succeeding is if I pray to god for help, without God nothing is impossible. I have finally finished my music solo assessment which is good to gain more credits. I need to stay focus and not get distracted but also motivate myself to do the best that I can do. I need to be confident in what I do for me to become a better leader My goal for this week is to try my best and pass level 2 before the end of term 3 I know there's only one week till the end of term but I know I can do this with the support I have. A quote that inspired me was from Maria Robertson and it says “NOBODY CAN GO BACK AND START A NEW BEGINNING BUT ANYONE CAN START TODAY AND MAKE A NEW ENDING”

Monday, August 20, 2018

week 3 term 3 reflection

As the end of week 3, it has been a stressful week for me as all I'm doing is working hard on my assessment trying to stay focus. This week has been good so far as I have been training hard for nationals but I also need to balance school work and training. My goal this week is to make sure I come to school on time with the correct uniform and the right attitude. I have been working on my responses in English so I can get my 10 literacy credits also UE credits. I have been busy with leadership group meetings over the few weeks helping our years nines with a community project. for me to succeed I need to work on the most important thing before doing the less important things. Here's a quote I found for the week which is failure doesn't mean its game over it means try again with experience.

week 2 term 3 reflection

As the end of week 2 term 3, it has been very busy for me as I'm trying to keep up to date with all my assessments. This week has also been another success as I have finished assessments in some classes such as English my speech and graphics my ladder bracket, Rugby was another part of my week as we had our last 1st 15 games of the year against Rosehill College, it was a tough game but it wasn't what we wanted to end the year with. Now that rugby is finish I can now concentrate more on my school work. Distraction in class is one of the big problems I need to work on, motivating myself to do the best that I can do to become a better leader not only in school but in my daily life, pushing myself beyond limits. My challenges for this week was to make sure I keep up to date with all my assessment and try to pass them with a merit or excellent. Me personally, I need to be setting goals every week so it can help me not really to improve but becoming a better person to SUCCEED. Here's a quote I found from James Kerr "legacy book" was the challenge is to always improve, to always get better, even when you are the best. Especially when you are the best.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Week 1 term 3 reflection

As the end of week 1 term 3, I know that this term is the term that everything I do counts. This week has been good so far for me as I have mainly been focusing on all my due assessments. In order for me to be focused my mentality has to on be 100% at all times, also coming to school with a learning attitude. My overall focus is to pass level 2 with a merit or excellence endorsement. This week I have made sure my attendance was 100% in all my classes, therefore, I don't miss out on delayed work. What I need to improve on is to assure that I bring the correct uniform to school every day, making sure I come to school on time and set high expectations for the juniors. This week I have finally finished my last assessment with an excellent in my ICT class which I had to Synchronise data across digital devices and multiple platforms. As week 1 of term 3 is over I can say it was a success.