Wednesday, August 2, 2017

pe 1.1

This term in p.e we are focusing on factors that influence my participation. Below is an example of my logs. LOG 1- Tapu Ae (30/6/17) fun and enjoyment- challenge Last week Thursday during our practical lesson of Tapu Ae the two main factors that influenced my participation were fun and enjoyment also challenge. Fun and enjoyment influence my participation because i'm a person who loves playing sports. I enjoy playing with my friends because it brings a tighter bond and it's fun. Every sport i play i make sure i give it my 100%, i'll do anything to play sports because i love it. Challenge influenced my participation because i knew i had hard obstacles to overcome and that i had to challenge myself to the limit. Therefore it made me participate harder because i knew i had tough opponents to challenge which made me give it my best. LOG 2- Ki O Rahi (6/7/17) well being - sense of achievement Last term during our practical lesson of Ki O Rahi the two factors that influenced my participation were well-being and sense of achievement. Well being influenced my participation because i wanted to play the whole game and I knew it would help me with my physical well being to improve my fitness. Also, it clears the things that happened to me at home or negative thoughts that affects my mental well being. sense of achievement influence my participation because i knew that if i gave heaps of effort i would be happy with our team result In practice i put in heaps of effete and try improve my skills in the game to get a higher mark.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

interpersonal skill unit

On the first day we had practical i didn't demonstrated the interpersonal skill cooperation. I didn't demonstrate the interpersonal skill cooperation because i was not communicating to my blindfolded partner. Instead of communicating to my partner i was distracting others and trying to pull them off while they were walking through the obstacle course. By not showing cooperation i did not help my partner out and they did not have any trust in what i was saying. This lead to my partner giving up because they could not walk the course without my cooperation and therefore we could not complete the task successfully. Reflection- i learnt how to work with others properly and how i improve my skills and ability with these i.p.s